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ActiveParent is now Active
Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you do not have an Active Parent account and wish to register for one, use the following procedures:

Click Here to access ActiveParent.

     - Click on "Sign up for an Active Parent Account" below the Active Parent Logo.

     - The first screen requests information about the user(parent) of the account. You will need the following information for this: your first name, last name, street address, city, zip code, home phone number, and email address(This will be used to notify you when your account has been activated and is ready for use). Also you will need to create a username for the account and a password.  The username and password must be six or more characters with any combination of letters or numbers.

*** (Please keep a record of the username and password that you select for future reference.) ***

     - After completing the user information, the next screens request information about your children enrolled in school.  For these screens, you will need the following information on each child enrolled: first name, last name, grade child is in this year, school, and the last four digits of his/her social security number.  After entering information for a child, click the add student button.  After completing information for all your children enrolled, click on the submit request button

Before you can use your account, it must be activated by a school official.  This process could take a few days, depending on the number of requests that are made.  After your account has been activated, an email will be sent to notify you that your account is ready for use.  If you have not received an email and are not able to access Active Parent after a week, send an email to or to report the problem.